About our School

Welcome to Gyan dhara International Pre-school, a nurturing haven for early childhood education in India. Founded with a passion for fostering holistic development, our kindergarten is dedicated to providing a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for your little ones.

At Gyan dhara International Pre-school, we believe that every child is unique, and our dedicated team of experienced educators is committed to unlocking their full potential. With a curriculum designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity, we strive to make learning a joyful and meaningful experience.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are tailored to meet the specific needs of young learners, offering a safe and stimulating space where exploration and discovery are encouraged. We take pride in creating a warm and supportive community that extends beyond the classroom, involving parents in their child's educational journey.

As we embark on this educational adventure together, our mission is to instill a love for learning, build strong foundations for academic success, and nurture the social and emotional well-being of each child. Join us at Gyan dhara International Pre-School, where every day is an opportunity for your child to grow, learn, and flourish.